Inside Jobs

A podcast dedicated to the people who work in internal agencies, presented by Robert Berkeley of Express KCS and supported by the In-House Agency Forum (IHAF). The podcast introduces leaders from top brands around the globe, sharing their experiences building and running internal agencies. The series covers everything from organizational strategies to creative production, with insights into the people who evolve and enhance these in-house teams.


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Episode 18: The Car Guy Drives In House


In this episode of Inside Jobs, Chris Batchik, VP of Charles Schwab Advertising, takes us on a ride. With stints at both in-house and external agencies, he started out at GM in the motor city—eventually arriving at Schwab in the city of the violet crown. Experienced in HR, marketing, creative and operations, Chris is a well-rounded leader who runs one of the oldest internal agencies in the country. When he’s not driving performance in house, he’s driving golf carts and hockey pucks—always looking for ways to win personally and professionally.

Inside Jobs - Shani Sandy.jpg

Shani Sandy, Design Executive at IBM, and an avid intrapreneur, narrates the steps she took to expand her palette from fine art to corporate design.

Inside Jobs Episode 16 Tara DeZao.png

Tara DeZao, Director of Content and Creative Services for Oracle Data Cloud talks about her contribution to the build of Oracle’s internal agency.

Episode 15 - Lessons From The Leaders.png

Recorded live at the IHAF Leadership Summit 2019, this episode features corporate leaders sharing strategies for in-house agency success.


About Your Host

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Robert Berkeley

My ten year-old son is always asking questions. Recently we were on a walk and he asked me what existed before the big bang. I told him I wasn’t sure, so instead he asked me how Boris Johnson ever became Home Secretary. I pondered for a moment and said I really had no idea. I thought I might have an answer to his next question about why pizza arrives in a square box (when they are actually round), but he interrupted my thoughts with this “I do hope you don’t mind me asking these questions, daddy”. “Of course not son” I replied indulgently “however else will you learn anything?”

Like him, I love asking questions. I’d like to think it means I learn more that way, but the reality is that I simply find people’s lives, the decisions they make and the outcomes they enjoy (or endure) fascinating. I’m the best person to keep a secret though, as I rarely remember the details, but I always remember the feeling. I started the Inside Jobs podcast as I couldn’t think of a better way to peek inside the experiences and motivations of people with whom I work or are acquainted with. I hope you enjoy what you learn about them, and this industry in which we have all found ourselves (rarely by design) as much as I do.


About IHAF


The In-House Agency Forum (IHAF) is the foremost authority on internal agencies—delivering content and cultivating community to enhance the influence and impact of corporate advertising and creative organizations. It is the only membership organization dedicated to providing tools and insight in support of every function within the in-house agency model. From creative to media to executive management, IHAF offers exclusive, year-round benefits to our members via Benchmarking Data and Best Practices, Conferences and Events, and Networking opportunities.

Since its inception in 2005, IHAF has emerged as a peer community for in-house agencies and an agent for increasing their effectiveness and influence within their respective organizations. Today, IHAF's nationwide membership ranges in size from 300-person operations to three-person teams across a host of industries. It is the willingness of our members to share everything from best practices to war stories coupled with IHAF's expertise in topics and trends specific to in-house agencies that makes our association unlike any other.

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